Even the most basic pair of waders and boots can set you back $180-$200. For a group of 4, this is nearly $1000 before you’ve even started fishing. And, most likely this is gear and equipment that will be used only 1 time before ending up in a landfill. Consider renting waders and boots from Alaska Boat Rental & Guide Service. The rental equipment is the same professional gear we provide our clients on our guided trips – so you know you’re using the right equipment.

The State of Alaska no longer permits fishermen to use felt-soled boots. 

Chest Waders & Boots Rental

Breathable Chest Waders & Boots

Waders and boots are an absolute necessity when fishing Alaska’s rivers. They are as necessary as a rod and reel as a matter of fact. 

Alaska Boat Rental & Guide Service has a wide range of breathable chest waders sizes for mens, womens, and youth and shoe sizes up to size 14.

When fishing in Alaska the best choice is breathable chest waders and appropriate layered clothing for the weather and water temperatures.

Breathable Waders & Boots Sizing Chart

Generally speaking you can think about the sizes of waders and boots like you would shirt sizes. Sizes are Mens, Womens, Youth and then the basic sizes of small, medium, Large, Extra Large and so on. We also have quite a few waders available in stout sizes in mens and womens as well.  

Sizing for wading boots can be different than sizing for other footwear. The chest waders are made of breathable materials but it still contains a fairly thick neoprene stocking foot. In order to accommodate your neoprene stocking foot waders, you should request one size larger than your normal hiking boots.


Mens Wader Sizing Chart
Womens Wader Sizing Chart
Youth Wader Sizing Chart

Waders & Boots Pricing & Reservations

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Four + Days


Kevin Chavira Fishing in Chest Waders