Kasilof River Combo King-Sockeye Salmon Guided Fishing

There are just a handful of days each year when we’re able to target both Kasilof River king salmon and Kasilof River sockeye salmon on the same day. It’s amazing how these different species of fish have figured out how to share this river and all come back at their own special times. Almost like they’ve called ahead and made reservations. Just as one run is winding down the other run is starting. But not before they’ve overlapped a little bit – and allow us the fun of going after two different species.

Kwikfish Wrapped With Sardine

Kasilof River Combo King-Sockeye Salmon Guided Fishing

Available: June 15 - July 31

For just a few days or weeks each year combination trips, where we target multiple species of salmon on the same day, are possible. One of the most popular combination trips we are able to offer is our Kasilof River king salmon and Kasilof River sockeye salmon combo trips. 

On these trips, we’ll be focused on Kasilof River sockeye salmon for part of the day and at other parts of the day, we’ll be focused on Kasilof River king salmon.  

We’ll use a variety of lures as we target Kasilof River king salmon, but the two primary ones we use will be Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish and Spin-n-Glo lures. All our Kasilof River king salmon fishing will be done from the comfort of our drift boat.

Throughout the day we’ll switch to Kasilof River sockeye salmon fishing where we’ll find the perfect spot on the river bank to park the boat and we’ll all jump out, wade out about knee-deep in the water, and floss for Kenai River sockeye salmon.

Kasilof River Combo King-Sockeye Salmon Guided Fishing - Peak Times

We can start fishing for Kasilof River king salmon starting May 16th. However, the sockeye salmon will not start to show up in good numbers until June 15th so we cannot really start doing our Kasilof River combo king-sockeye salmon trips until June 15th.  

Most of the early Kasilof River king salmon caught in May and June are hatchery fish. These fish are not counted but the Alaska Department of Fish and Game stocks 140,000 king salmon each year at the Crooked Creek hatchery. So while we don’t have Kasilof River king salmon counts we know the fishing is excellent due to the hatchery and we have very good counts of the Kasilof River sockeye salmon.

Which are the best days? Any given day from May 16 to July 31st is a good time to try this combo. The early run Kasilof River king salmon fishing is typically best before June 10, but the sockeye salmon continues to get strong all the way through the month of July.  This is when the second run of Kasilof River king salmon will start to arrive as well. 

Kenai River & Kasilof River King-Silver-Sockeye Run Timing
Daniel Balserak From Fish All Fifty and His Dad, Paul, holding two Kenai River sockeye salmon

Kasilof River Combo King-Sockeye Salmon Guided Fishing - What to Bring

We will provide nearly everything you need on our Kasilof River king salmon and Kasilof River sockeye salmon combination fishing trips. We’ll be bringing two different sets of rods and reels, bait for the Kasilof River king salmon, leaders and hooks for the Kasilof River sockeye salmon fishing, two different landing nets, and bait for Kasilof River king salmon if bait is allowed at that time.

For part of the day, you’ll be in the water with waders and boots, so layers are important. Particularly for your feet. The other part of the day we’ll be in the boat fishing for king salmon where layers are still important because we relaxed and sitting on the water. 

Here are a few things you can consider bringing in order to make your fishing with us more comfortable:

  • Fishing license & king salmon stamp
  • For Kenai River silver salmon fishing, it’s always a good idea to plan for cooler temperatures and plan for rain. Better safe than sorry! Dress in layers.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat and Gloves
  • Sunglasses & eye protection is need sockeye fishing more than any other type of fishing we do
  • Lunch, Snacks, and Drinks. Adult beverages are allowed. 
  • A waterproof cell phone case is always a good idea. We don’t expect your phone to be dropped in the water, but rain is always a possibility
  • A great attitude!  No one wants to catch fish more than us! We’re in this together.

Kasilof River Combo King-Sockeye Salmon Guided Fishing - What To Expect During Your Day

Our Kasilof River king salmon and Kasilof River sockeye salmon combination fishing trips consist of fishing in the boat and fishing while in the water. 

We’ll stay in the drift boat targeting Kasilof River king salmon as we drift downstream between productive banks to fish for Kasilof River Sockeye. We’ll use the boat to drift downstream through some of the deeper pockets of water using the oars to slow our speed as well as to keep the lures presented just right in the water. 

As we reach a good place to target Kasilof River sockeye salmon, we’ll maneuver the boat to the banks and step into the water. Remaining in about knee-deep water we’ll use the “flossing technique” to try and land some hard fighting sockeye salmon. Then it’s back into the boat for more king salmon fishing as we head for the next sockeye salmon fishing spot.

We only do full-day trips on the Kasilof River and usually start around 6:30 AM finishing 2:00 PM. 

Kasilof River King Salmon In The Net

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