Cook Inlet & Homer Halibut Guided Fishing Trips

Halibut Fishing

May 15 - Sep 30

Trophy Halibut Fishing

May 15 - Sep 30

Trophy Halibut, Rock Fish, Salmon

May 15 - Sep 30

Trophy Halibut, Rock Fish, Salmon & Lingcod

July 1 - Sept 30

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Cook Inlet & Homer Halibut Fishing

May 15 - Sept 30

We begin our Halibut Fishing trips on May 15, pretty much the first day we officially open for business each year. Our trips leave out of Homer, Alaska.  Also known as the halibut capital of the world. 

We offer four different kinds of halibut experiences:

  • Single species halibut
  • Trophy Halibut & Rockfish
  • Trophy Halibut, Rockfish & Salmon
  • Trophy Halibut, Rockfish, Salmon & Lingcod

Cook Inlet & Homer Single Species Halibut Guided Fishing

May 15 - Sept 30

Our single species Halibut Trips are designed to get you out on the water, catching some nice Alaskan halibut to take home and not spending 12 hours on the water. But, we’re also not hitting the nearest chicken-hole (chickens are the nickname for small 10 lb sized halibut) and heading back in.  

Our single species halibut trips will have you on the water for 60-90 minutes to reach the fishing grounds and we are targeting 40-pound to 60-pound halibut for the “big one” (More on that below).  

These single-species halibut trips are great for those that want the experience of getting out on Kachemak Bay, seeing Cook Inlet & Mt. Redoubt from the water, viewing countless glaciers and wildlife, and having a great halibut fishing experience. Halibut fishing out of Homer offers very consistent fishing from May through Sept and limits of 2 halibut per person are the norm.

Homer Trophy Halibut Fishing

Cook Inlet & Homer Trophy Halibut & Rockfish Guided Fishing

May 15 - Sept 30

Our Trophy Halibut charters are built for those that want to have a shot at catching a “barn door”. And, while we’re at it, we’ll target the 30 different species of rockfish found in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

This trip definitely requires a bigger journey. These trips will typically “round the corner” of Port Graham and headed for the Barren Islands. We’ll often fish the waters surrounding Elizabeth Island, Perl Island, and the Barren Islands approaching the coast of Kodiak Island.

The waters in this area are deep and Cook Inlet has one of the largest tidal movements in the world. Doing a bait check in 400 ft of water will give you a work out. It will also give you the chance at some of the biggest fish around.

It’s important to note that should weather not be permitting this trip will become single species halibut only and an appropriate refund will be given.

Cook Inlet & Homer Trophy Halibut, Rockfish, and Salmon Guided Fishing

May 15 - Sept 30

We like to call this our triple threat. Trophy halibut, beautiful bright orange Yellow Eye rockfish, and Salmon. 

Our first target is always halibut and we’ll make the run out to our Trophy Halibut fishing grounds. After working halibut we’ll switch gears, switch equipment, switch location and start to target Alaska rockfish including yelloweye, quillback, copper, silvergray, tiger, and China. With over 30 species of Rockfish in Alaska’s waters, it’s always exciting to see exactly what type of fish is coming up from the bottom.

Like halibut fishing in Alaska’s Cook Inlet waters, fishing for rockfish is very productive fishing and limits are common. However, limits are restrictive. Of the 6 species listed above only 1 is allowed per angler per day. 

After we’re done targeting rockfish we switch gears, switch locations, and switch equipment once again to start trolling for king salmon and silver salmon as we make our way back towards Homer. 

Almost World Record Lingcog - Homer Alaska

Cook Inlet & Homer Trophy Halibut, Rockfish, Salmon and Lingcod Guided Fishing

July 1 - Sep 30

If three species wasn’t enough let’s add four! This one we call the Grand Slam! July 1st marks the beginning of Lingcod season in Alaska. This is definitely something locals and visitors alike look forward to.  

Lingcod is found often in the same deep rocky areas where we find rockfish and halibut. We treat Lingcod as an “extra” fish. Lingcod are hard fish to target consistently but there are certain areas that are more productive than others. These areas are near to where we fish for Trophy halibut and rockfish so plan on a longer ride out to the fishing grounds.

We fish for Lingcod the same way we fish for halibut and rockfish. And we usually catch them when we’re jigging for rockfish more than anything. Check out this beauty caught by Jim Weber in 2019 – just two pounds short of the world record!

Cook Inlet & Homer Halibut Fishing - Our Boats & Pricing

Our boats are largely 30+ foot aluminum construction boats with large outboard motors for efficiency and ease of service. These boats are big, fast, and some of the best boats you’ll find in Homer and Kachemak Bay.

Known as a “6 pack” our boats take 6 anglers at a time although through our partners and partners we can handle up to 18 at a time on our largest boat and 12 on the other. These boats are fast and get you to the fishing grounds quickly.


3/4 Day Halibut3/2

Full Day Single Species Halibut

Full Day Trophy Halibut

Halibut &  Rock Fish Combo

Triple Threat – Halibut, RockFish, Salmon Combo

Grand  Slam! – Halibut, Rockfish, Salmon & LingCod








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