Whether you want a nice easy ride on an old roadbed or a grueling technical trail up switch-backs leading to a spectacular view, Alaska is the place to ride. From hour-long rides to multiple day adventures you can find whatever your legs desire.

Scenic and exciting mountain biking trails can be found throughout Alaska, including those in parks that have been specifically crafted for that purpose. Collectively, these courses have made the state one of the premier destinations for outdoor cycling.  

Kona Mountain Bikes - Mahuna Model

Kona Brand Mountain Bikes

Kona isn’t a huge entity compared to some other global bike brands, but it enjoys iconic status. They’re best known as a “freeride” bike company but have made road and ‘cross bikes since the beginning.

At Alaska Boat Rental & Guide Service, we’re proud to offer the Manhuna model Kona bike.  

The Mahuna strikes that perfect balance of mountain bike and all-around fun rig. Its 29” wheels easily roll over obstacles and provide a smooth, predictable ride. The fork features 100mm of smooth travel and together with the 29” wheels, helps keep bumps in check. You have complete control over stopping with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. An 11-speed drivetrain makes quick work of tough hills ensuring the Mahuna is as fun going up as it is going down.

– Bicycling Mag

Hollywood Bike Racks

Need a way to transport mountain bikes for an epic ride?  Our bike racks are made from Hollywood back racks and hold either 2 or 4 bikes. 

The Hollywood HR1400 Sport Rider 4 is essentially a 2 piece rack. It starts as a 2-bike rack and you plug the other 2-bike extension into it if you need it. It’s really like having 2 racks in one. 

Best of all, our bike racks are offered free of charge for use with our rental bikes.

Hollywood Mountain Bike Rack
Mountain Bike Rentals

Nomad Cargo Buggy

Built specifically for touring, the Nomad bike cargo trailer features an efficient, lightweight design, huge cargo capacity, and durable weatherproof cover. The trailer’s balance point minimizes torque on the bike while the two-wheel chassis provides superior tracking and stability. Weighing in at less than 17 lbs., the Nomad can carry up to 100 lbs. of cargo, and the weatherproof cover keeps your gear protected from the elements.

One of our favorite trips is biking into the Russian River falls. The 2.5-mile ride in is great and with the Nomad Cargo Buggy we load up all our waders, boots, snacks, foods, drinks, and more, and make quick work of a great trail. The ride back is largely downhill and a total blast!

Each Cargo buggy is just $20.00 additional per day.

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